Thursday, July 25
5 p.m - 7 p.m.

University of Kentucky Demonstration and Trial Garden
3600 Coleman Road, Paducah, KY

Monday, July 8, 2013


You have a bed of irises that used to be absolutely beautiful, but this year they disappointed you with few blooms. If the bed is a few years old, the irises may need to be divided. How does one divide irises?

Your neighbor has a most unusual color of poppies but she doesn’t know the name or origin. How does she save seed for you and what do you do with it?

Peggy Martin Rose propagated by
Master Gardener, Chris Janne
On a walk you admire a gorgeous pink rose. The homeowner offers you a cutting. How do you transform the cutting into a rose bush?

Your daughter will wed in your backyard. Her colors are burgundy and white. What if you can’t find burgundy pansies next spring?

You have purchased a new home but have no budget for landscaping. Is there a way to get free plants?

Finally, you find the perfect shade of red geraniums. Is there a way to “save” them?

Master Gardeners Claudia Kramer and Audrey Williams will answer these and other questions regarding plant propagation at Twilight in the Garden on July 25 at the Demo Garden. Be sure to stop by their table as they explain how they have successfully increased their plant collections through plant division, seed saving, cuttings and starting plants from seed. (You may have seen Claudia’s design work as she took top honors as the Best of Show in Design award winner for the 2013 McCracken County Fair).

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